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Name: Shinji Hosoe
Nickname: "MEGA"
Occupation: Composer and Producer
Interests: Composing video game music and playing an Analog Synthesizer
Location: Shinagawa, Tokyo
Birthplace: Gero Hot Springs, Gifu Prefecture, Japan
Birthday: February 28th, 1967

Personal Opinion of Best Work:
Almost all of my works that have been released on CDs, but if I had to choose one, I would have to say that it is Cyber Sled when I was at Namco.

Music Influences:
YMO, Tomita, Jean-Michael Jarre, Kraftwerk, TELEX, B52s, PROPAGANDA, other Techno Pop and Progressive Rock from the 80's.

My biggest contribution to video game music:

My biggest contribution to non video game music:
OMY (It's much harder than I expected to play OMY's music.)

My Future Dreams:
To continue to compose music until I get old, I hope!

My "Brief" Work History:
Dragon Spirit, QUESTAR, ORDYNE, Metal Hawk, Galaxian Series, Ridge Racer Series, Cyber Sled Series, Street Fighter EX Series, Rockman EXE Transmission to name a few.

Current Works:
I've been working on some video game music which will be released sometime next year, so I have to keep it quiet for now. But some of my works on Japanese Girl's Games might be out soon.

Future Works:
My new works won't be released until next year, but I'm planning to release some other CDs this summer.

Awards & Prizes:
I have won some "Hit Prizes" from Victor Records, and some other prizes from magazines. I have also won several prizes from the Police Department for Traffic Offense, *whoops*, these are not prizes, or are they? Well, I had to pay for them!

I didn't like music until I was in Junior High school. I started to enjoy it when I started to play the Synthesizer. I didn't think I would be a professional musician while I was playing in a "copy" band. If I looked back into my past, it's a mystery why I am still here as a music composer. I started working as a part time worker at Namco, doing some test playing and grahics for TV games. After that, I often changed my part time jobs in music area, then I joined Namco as a Sound Creator. I was there for 10 years, so I changed my job to get refreshed and joined to Arika. In the year 2000, I founded Super Sweep Inc. I've doing the same thing since then, nothing different from what I've been working on. Now, I can't think of myself working on anything else, except creating or producing music.

Message to my Fans:
I'd like to hear from people from all over the world. I've heard that not many people listen to video game music. I guess all of you who read this must be the very few and precious fans, so I'm filled with happiness to have this opportunity to have an English web site. I hope you keep listening to video game music, and I am thankful to everyone for visiting this web site.

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